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The Supreme Court Wrecking Ball

Jun 27, 2022

A brief roundup of links that describe what we've lost

The YOLO ultra-conservative Supreme Court has taken a wrecking ball to social progress, upending social norms and, in its most radical move, determining that you do not have bodily autonomy if you have a uterus.

Today, the YOLO court limited the ability of schools to protect students from unwanted and inappropriate religious practices such as Christian prayer, "This decision sidelines decades of thoughtful, settled precedent recognizing that explicitly sectarian demonstrations of religion by public school teachers and officials are by their very nature coercive and unavoidably convey illegal governmental endorsement.", states Jennifer Pizer of Legal Lambda.

Catch up on the other rulings of the past week:

Read up and watch this space for more information about what queer youth can do to in the ongoing battle for queer youth rights.

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