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Out Now students speak truth to power!

May 1, 2024

We went to the Statehouse to testify about the need for safe schools...

For an amazing 4th year, Out Now youth partnered with Harvard Law School students on an important project called Students Speak. The project collects student testimonies that answer the question: What do you need in order to do well in school?

Carefully crafted testimonies in hand, we then converge on the State House with other Students Speak students from across the state to let our voices be heard!

This year we spoke up and out to urge lawmakers to strengthen the Safe and Supportive Schools Initiative. Five of us from Out Now traveled to Boston to represent! And one of us, Hailey, had the opportunity to speak.

Lawmakers were moved by Hailey's testimony and responded with heartfelt feedback, leaving all of us so proud. You can read Hailey's report about what it was like right here.

Then take a look at previous Out Now youth testimonies on the Students Speak website! They will be posting 2024 any day, so be sure to check back.

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