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What we're watching: Angela Davis puts her fist in the air!

Jul 19, 2023

From the KTLA Newsfilm Collection, a rare glimpse at the indomitable Angela Davis

Angela Davis murder trial in San Rafael, California. Date: May 10, 1971.

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In 1970, Jonathan Jackson tried to free his brother George Jackson, a Black Panther and prison inmate, by smuggling guns into the Marin County courthouse during the trial of another Black Panther, arming the convicts and taking the judge, the deputy district attorney, and three jurors hostage. The judge was killed during their escape. Angela Davis, who had connections to the Jackson brothers and was the registered owner of the guns used in the incident, was charged with murder, kidnapping and conspiracy. This material is silent courtroom footage of the Angela Davis murder trial held at the Marin County Superior Court. Footage includes shots of reporters, spectators, and both Angela Davis and Ruchell Magee talking to their respective lawyers.

Watch it on YouTube!

Angela Davis was acquitted of all charges. Learn more about her powerful fist salute here.

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