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Let's gain equity and empowerment in our schools!

May 10, 2024

Join our movement to assure healthy, equitable, fully funded schools: It starts with community dialogue

Join Out Now (and other local organizations and individuals) as we work with Brown's Promise to kickstart a new campaign in Massachusetts to fully desegregate our schools.

Our first event is a community conversation about how we might fulfill the promise of Brown v. Board of Education in Massachusetts. Hope and aspirations are welcome, and dinner is provided!

This is the first in a series of local forums we will organize in Springfield as we work toward fully de-segregating our public schools in MA. We will engage members of our community in ways to do this, such as garnering support to change school district lines from city-wide to county-wide, in order to increase equity and funding for Springfield schools.


It's far past time we fully funded our schools, end school segregation and fulfill Brown's Promise! Please join us in this meaningful conversation.

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