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This picture is from Out Now's mural project.  It shows a beautiful and proud queer youth with flowers rising from her as she gazes at a rainbow.
The only queer youth organization in Springfield MA, Out Now provides a safe space for queer youth & allies who are 22 yrs and under to learn about themselves, develop lasting friendships and leadership skills, explore LGBTQ+ history, and so much more.

 & delicious

Out Now has
since grown its  membership, added youth leaders, and evolved into an important voice for peace & justice.

Out Now poster.png
Group mural pic, orange gradient background_edited.jpg

Queering up Springfield for 28 years

Out Now originated in 1995

as a weekly support group for LGTB youth from the greater Springfield area. There was one advisor and no more than five young people meeting in donated church space.


Youth 1 with rainbow hue background_edit

Health & Harm Reduction 

Youth 4 with rainbow hue background_edit

Peer Support & Pride

Youth 2 with rainbow hue background_edited.jpg

Drop In Safe Space

Youth 5 with rainbow hue background.png

Sound Off

Weigh In!

Youth 3 with rainbow hue background_edit

Youth Leadership

Youth 6 with rainbow hue background_edit

The QUEST Project

Out Now Buttons (merch).jpg

Anti-racist agitation 

Self determination

Painting up

We've partnered with Common Wealth Murals to create two bright & beautiful murals ~ the first inspired by our Students Speak project, the second inspired by our collective need to resist

hate and injustice!

Mimi Ditkoff, muralist
Final_mural_2022-sky background cropped_edited.jpg

Activities Events Gatherings ● More


Coming Out celebrations

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